Our Expertise


Excellence Through Experience

Masek Medical is able to deliver world-class results for our clients by leveraging our breadth of experience, depth of technical know-how and an unrelenting passion for excellence in all that we say and do.

Commercial Innovation

We specialize in developing new, innovative commercial models that enhance portfolios and generate customer driven solutions which broadly differentiate our clients from their competition.

Our team is keenly aware that innovation requires vision, commitment and the leadership to align and excite all stakeholders.

We help organizations clearly define strategies that are unique, actionable and market defining.


With a proven track record of starting-up and scaling med tech organizations, Masek Medical validates and accelerates go-to-market strategies with our clients, transforming targets to customers. Our expertise in marketing and sales leadership include:

  • Market research and assessment
  • Project management (PDP)
  • Collateral (digital & conventional)
  • VOC

Corporate Finance

Good vs. great business requires that corporate direction and leadership decisions are firmly rooted in sound financials.

At Masek Medical we have financial experts that span critical knowledge segments for both private and publicly held companies including:​

  • Cost Modeling
  • Lean Manufacturing & OEE
  • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
  • Cost Savings & Opportunity Assessments


Masek Medical has a rich history of environmental stewardship.  We are experts in device reuse and have developed patented cleaning technology to accent our extensive background in sustainability.  Our expertise in sustainability includes:


Documented evidence of product / process reliability is the hallmark of medical device development.  We have experts in both device design and process validation.  We brought a novel orthopedic femoral nail to market in 12 months from project inception.  Our team is made up of experts in the areas of:​

  • Design V&V
  • Process validation
  • Statistical process control
  • Software validation

Software Development

Connectivity is the paradigm of our age.  The ability to effectively sew business logic into big data platforms is essential for success.  Masek Medical brings expertise in software and IT development including:​

  • .NET

  • Java

  • Mobile platforms

  • Web design & programming

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